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Hi There, I am

Nhat Minh Tran

Nhat Minh Tran – Hanoi-based photographer who has a deep and strong passion for

art and photography. 

Nhat Minh’s work covers still-life, advertising, editorial, beauty, and fashion photography for commercial clients. He also comfortably and actively enjoys shooting across a range of other genres. Engaging experience and attention to detail, Nhat Minh works directly with clients to translate their objectives into a unique and premium quality photos that combine the relevant information with the emotion that they wish to evoke. 

Having started his photography passion in documentary photography, Nhat Minh has a special thing for Vietnamese cultural features and wants to fuse the national cultural materials with art in his works. He has interest in texture, material, light manipulation, and devotes to utilize different experimental forms and languages to convey creativity and telling story through the best visuals.

Living in Hanoi, Nhat Minh can be available for photography assignments anywhere. Get in touch for more information on his work.